The Newest Technology: FLEXIBLE/BENT LED FILAMENT BULBS The LED filament technology offers a 360-degree beam angle light pattern and unique Flexible/BENT LED. The bulb uses a gold glass bulb, unlike most LED lights, so it is just like an incandescent bulb. The true warm white light that is styled to look exactly like one of the very old incandescent bulbs. The bulb is super warm light 2200K, it creates the same atmosphere as incandescent lamps that most peoples know and like.

The LED filament bulbs are dimmable and the perfect energy-saving replacement for standard incandescent bulbs and will drastically reduce your energy bills while providing the same light quality.

If you have been turned away from upgrading to energy-saving light bulbs by the way they look, these innovative light bulbs probably change your mind. That is why our products are designed to look like everyday use incandescent light. Power consumption is lower than most of the ordinary LED bulbs and the yearly cost to operate is low.

The bulb is an innovative light bulb which makes a good combination of the new LED and vintage incandescent bulb technologies that is an ideal decorative lighting solution for hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc