The Newest Technology: FLEXIBLE/BENT LED FILAMENT BULBS The LED filament technology offers a 360-degree beam angle light pattern and unique Flexible/BENT LED. The bulb uses a gold glass bulb, unlike most LED lights, so it is just like an incandescent bulb. The true warm white light that is styled to look exactly like one of the very old incandescent bulbs. The bulb is super warm light 2200K, it creates the same atmosphere as incandescent lamps that most peoples know and like.

The LED filament bulbs are dimmable and the perfect energy-saving replacement for standard incandescent bulbs and will drastically reduce your energy bills while providing the same light quality.


In recent years, tactical self-styled pen has been more and more equipment enthusiasts sought after, as a self-defense tool it is not only easy to carry and harmonious, even go by train or subway will not be deducted, take tactical pen as a weapon to fight the scene in the movie also appeared a lot, such as the film "Mekong action" there is a very wonderful fragment left people's impressed. 

The design of TP10 is good. In the tactical pen to join the flashlight function that does not affect its self-defense performance addition to a practical function. It can be said perfectly flashlight today. For the usual EDC carrying the opportunity to use this pen even more

Powerful Tactical flashlight I333 Iron brings you a feeling never feel dark & risk again. It made of a durable aluminum alloy is impact and scratch-resistant, Coming with an IPX8 waterproof rating that makes it can be used in any weather condition, making it a perfect gadget for any outdoor enthusiast.

I333 flashlight emitting a shining light up to 1200 lumen, it lights up whatever lays in front of you. Light beam up to a distance of 283 meters this extremely bright is guaranteed to provide you with the light necessary to light up any area. Featuring 7 difference lighting modes that ensure offer the right solution in different circumstances. Ideal to have it during night time hikes, hunting trips, and camping, etc.

Yong-ming is now starting representative of Wuben flashlight. Many clients might suspicious about this brand as many peoples never heard of it before. In fact "Wuben" having 30 years' experience in design & manufacture flashlight. Wuben is a famous brand of the led flashlight that features a superior quality battery, high brightness, and powerful function. Wuben flashlight perhaps the best companion to every outdoor enthusiast. Wuben brand is exported to overseas, Europe and the United States, Japan, and South Korea and other countries, is now committed to developing a potential foreign outdoor market, we have first-class quality, the most professional services and expansion of the after-sales team. If you feel interested in the know or reviewing the Wuden light, please contact us for more detail.