Company Overview

Since 1992 Yong Ming has been developed, produce and export incandescent bulb of the highest quality worldwide. Recently LEDs Industry is rapidly growing. We are using unique new Led Technology to develop and producing quality LEDs product for incandescent replacement. All LED produce we supply is superior quality in the industry and can be supplied to a wide variety of lighting equipment.


Year Even Description
1992 Former Dongguan Yong Ming Bulb Factory established. Factory cover area 1000 so met mainly produce miniature lamps. Monthly production output maximum of 3 million.
1993 Got 1st expansion begun, factory area enlarged to 2500 square meter. Employee increases up to 300. Monthly production output maximum of 3 million
1995 New develop and research xenon strobe tube, started import raw material from aboard, like Japan & Germany to produce the product.
1998 Hong Kong Brand sale office established, mainly for exportation worldwide
2003 YongMing got the 2nd expansion, factory renamed to Dongguan Yong Ming Lighting Industrial Company Limited. The cover area up to 12500 square meters & 13000 square meters for workshop place.
2004 The 2nd expansion, factory renamed to Dongguan Yong Ming Lighting Industrial Company Limited. Factory enlarged to 12500 square meters. Workshop area 13000 square meter
2005 The 4th expansion stage, machinery increase, and almost 80% product was run in full automatic. Monthly production capacity up to 5 million
2006 As all incandescent going to fade out globally, Yong Ming Started research & develop the Led product.
2009 Started to produce 1st generation Led bulb on time feature of & direct AC input no visible circuit board is required for operation.
2010 Led capacity increase up to 30000pcs monthly
2011 Full automatic aging machine Imported from aboard for quality control
2011 New generation led filament led light bulb start developed, the feature of omitting directional, much lower power consumption. Both appearance & performance is very similar to incandescent.
2012 Start launch & sell filament led bulbs in the market and got positive feedback.
2015 Research & Developed Led flashlight base on a joint venture