Energy Saving Halogen light bulbs help save energy compared to standard halogen light bulbs by adding krypton or xenon gas and enhancing the pressure of the capsule. Energy Saver Halogen light bulbs have the same light output and characteristics that you expect from standard incandescent bulbs but provide up to 40% energy savings making them energy efficient halogen light bulbs. They are available in several styles, are dimmable to 0%, last up to 2,500 hours and are instant-on to full brightness

Yong Ming energy efficient halogen range provides an easy and efficient direct replacement option for regular incandescent lamps. Delivering a crisp white light – with dimming options for a cozy atmosphere – these lamps provide lumens similar to corresponding incandescent lamps. 

Yong Ming energy efficient halogen lamps are available in general purpose GSL, Chandelier, globe, and reflector shapes. 

Instant–on, full light output at startup 

Lumens maintained throughout product life

100% retrofit